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traditional kitchen

From antiquity until today, Milos has a very rich history. This is clearly reflected in the rich and multicultural traditional cuisine and incorporates elements and flavors from the first Greek cultures, then from the Byzantines, much later from Turks, Venetians and pirates. It acquired its final form after the revolution and the settlement of Cretans in Adamas, in 1844. More at

More specifically, the traditional cuisine of Milos consists of popular local cheeses , such as xinomyzithra Milos (a product that is not sold in trade outside Milos) , popular traditional dishes of Milos, such as pitarakia , flaunes , watermelon pie , plate pies , the apple pie with fried leaf and the garlic cloves , as well as its pork fries . In addition, it is worth tasting its unique sweets such as the Apple candy , a traditional dessert of the spoon with incredible taste. More at

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