For the medical needs of its residents and visitors, the island of Milos has a state Health Center (small Hospital) located in the region of Plaka.

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Due to the volcanic origin of its soil, Milos has an impressive morphology and as a result the variety of beaches (it is an island with large beaches, with crystal clear and clear blue waters) but also the existence of thermal springs. In the therapy, in the Baths of Lakkou in Adamas Milos, a sick and prominent Athenian citizen in antiquity, who suffered from skin disease,as Hippocrates mentions, the father of Medical Science, in his book "On epidemics".

In Adamas of Milos the water of the Baths of Lakkou has a Temperature: 40°C/104°F and way of use: Bath therapy. Stay informed by clicking Greek Ministry of Tourism page - element 19

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