Old Sulfur Mines

In the east side of Milos lies Paliorema, a bay with crystal clear waters and yellowish pebbles, colored by the sulphur. There the sulphur mine of Victor Melas used to be in operation, the oldest business for the mining of sulphur all over Greece. Read more at milos.gr

Adamas War Shelter

In a rare art and civilization hall, the German war shelter of Adamas has been transformed, in Milos. Seventy years after its construction by the German occupying forces, the cave-shelter with labyrinthine galleries becomes a hospitable space for visual arts.

Ancient Roman Theater - Milos (Tripiti)

The ancient Roman Theatre was originally constructed by the inhabitants of the ancient city of Klima, possibly during the Hellenistic Age (3rd century BC). However, after the destruction of the city by the Athenians in Roman times, above the preserved foundations of the classic theater, a bigger one was built made of snow-white Parian marble and remarkable bas-reliefs, which it is estimated that it had a seating capacity of 7000 spectators. Read more at milos.gr

Holy Church of Saint Charalambos (Adamas)

This church is located behind Adamantas port, on the village’s highest point. It was built by Cretan refugees in 1870 and it was named after the church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary of Portaitissa (old cathedral of the island) and the church next to it, Saint Haralampos. Read more at milos.gr

Church of Holy Trinity (Adamas)

Very close to Adamantas port, the church of The Holy Trinity is located, where the Church Museum is housed. This church, which is over a thousand years old, is characterized as “crossed-shaped three-aisled basilica with troulokamara (arched-dome)”, since it is made of three aisles on which the dome rises vertically having the shape as the temple. Read more at milos.gr

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